natf League

We are the part of The National Axe Throwing Federation that is why we can guarantee a high-level entertainment, based on the experience of our partner.

The league takes place seasonally, all details and dates we post on our facebook.

For now, let us provide you with most important information:

👉 League will last around 8 weeks. Last week is reserved for finals.
👉 During those 8 weeks, every participant will need to play 28 matches.
👉 For 3 best players, we have prepared financial awards.
👉 To enter the league you need to pay 150 zł only. The cost covers all the matches.
👉 One week before the start of the league and during those 8 weeks, all participants will have a chance to prepare themselves and improve their skills on special days. Training cost is set to be 30 zł and you can practice even up to 5 hours.

If you have any questions regarding our league, please let us know using the form below: