Krakow stag

wieczór kawalerski KrakówThe market offering attraction for bachelor parties is huge, but we offer a completely new active attraction.
Inspired by the news of how Canada adopted this sport, we decided to introduce it to Poland as well.
Our first club was a success, then we began to conquer more cities. Currently, our premises are located in Krakow, Warsaw and Szczecin. Each of them is characterized by a large space, professional sound system, specialized staff and a separate place where you can sit comfortably with a large group and use our bar offering a large range of beers and drinks.
We are very popular and we are distinguished by an individual approach to each person interested in this event can take place according to your arrangements and your climate.

As organizers of stag do’s, bachelor parties and occasional meetings, we realize that the scenario of the event must be tailored to your tastes and should meet different needs. Organizing events of this type, we know that joint games, competition, and the opportunity to learn something new is the best fun and during a bachelor party it is a key point. Visiting our club together is the best solution to get out of the routine and a way to rest and regenerate. A visit to a larger group allows you to learn new techniques and efficiently conduct matches between players.
Before visiting the clubs in the evening, we are an ideal form of entertainment and a stepping stone from the usual bachelor party scheme.

Our experienced technical team will organize the event comprehensively at the time you specify. We are also ready for outdoor events, we have prepared boxes that can be spread at any given time. We will reach the destination, set up a fixed number of positions and ensure that everything works as it should. Your only concern will be the choice of games and applications that event participants will play.

Our entertainment is throwing axes to specially prepared shields and is a sport straight from Canada. Specially prepared and properly secured boxes, an interesting and different from the rest of this type of club atmosphere of the place and the constant help of the trainer made us the best-rated entertainment in Poland on the internet.

The emergence of a new sport in Poland – throwing axes – has gained a lot of fans in our country, but it is even more popular among large foreign groups visiting our country. Our rules, scoring and a number of rules were obtained from the founders of this sport in Canada, which is why we were the only ones to join the NATF organization. We operate efficiently, which is why our marketing is at your disposal 24 hours a day. We usually create personalized offers within a few hours of your inquiry in a competent manner by contacting the customer and determining the details of the event. Trying to meet the growing expectations of customers, we are constantly buying new equipment and expanding our offer to meet everyone’s needs.

The club is equipped with comfortable seating for up to 50 people and 5 tracks for casting. We prefer open spaces, so during the event all participants can be together, compete and try many games and techniques. We also offer special trophies for winners and a very wide list of tournaments.
We organize turnkey stag parties. While playing ax throwing, in addition to organizing the game, we also provide concert sound system, the ability to organize presentations, conferences and a wide range of catering from the best restaurants of the city.


65$* / 60 EUR* / 250 pln – One throwing lane for 2 to 5 people for 1.5h with explanation and hatchets for all of the game participants.

45 EUR* / 50 $* / 180 pln – One throwing lane for 2 to 5 people for 1.5h without hatchets**

*Indicative price in foreign currencies.

** Then you have to bring your hatchet or axe, which cannot be heavier than 1200 g and it cannot be a splitting axe. You can also rent an axe in Axe Nation. (look “additional services”)

PLEASE NOTE: Bigger events are prices individualy, depending on a size of your group and your needs 🙂


4 EUR* / 5 $* / 15 pln – 600 g hatchet rental for up to 1.5h game

8 EUR* / 10 $* / 30 pln – 1200 g axe rental for up to 1.5h game

*Indicative price in foreign currencies.


You can pay in cash or by card.
We accept only polish zloty but if you need you can exchange money at Grodzka 46 exchange: